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               Dharmadam Island, located near Kannur, is an tiny island in the Arabian Sea. It is also called "Dharmadam Thuruth" or "Pacha Thuruth" meaning "Green Island". Clad with coconut palm and lush bushes, natural beauty of Dharmadam Island makes it as an important tourist attraction.
Access : 
              Thalassery, Kannur and Mahe are the nearest towns located at a distance of 4 km, 17 km, and 15 km respectively. The nearest bust stand and railway station are in Thalassery. Kozhikode Karipur International Airport is the nearest airport, about 100 km away.
              The Dharmadam mainland is located between Thalassery and Kannur. It is on national Highway 17 to the north of Thalassery. Short route busses passing Kannur or Thalassery stop at Dharmadam.
              You can hire taxis or auto-rickshaws from Thalassery or Kannur to Dharmadam. As the Island became a popular picnic spot and weekend gateway, the local passenger trains stops at Dharmadam. From the Dharmadam mainland, you can walk to the Island.  
              The Moidu bridge which connects Kannur and Thalassery is an important landmark en route to Dharmadam Island. You can a boat from the southern end of the bridge to reach the Island. Visiting the Dharmadam Island requires prior permission from the owners as it is a private-owned property. 
Dharmadam Beach :
              The Dharmadam Island beach is surrounded by the Arabian sea on the north and Anjarakandy river on the south and east. The western side of Dharmadam Island is surrounded by the river and the sea. The island is a 2-hectare land and that is 100 m away from Dharmadam mainland. From the Dharmadam Island beach you can get the view of Thalassery town.
              The best time to visit Dharmadam beach is between october and may when the weather is fentastic. 

Dharmadam Island Carnival :

              The Dharmadam Island Carnival is held once a year, usually in December. With decorative light settings, food stalls and fun rides, it is great time for amusement. Famous artists enliven thy fest with orchestra and other shows.

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